299 Commits (alpha)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  kingbdogz 93e667cbf0 Update Forge version 1 year ago
  kingbdogz 81275954f2 One final attempt 1 year ago
  kingbdogz 09da247180 Change ordering of fallback maven url 1 year ago
  kingbdogz 45e1e91a21 Fallback maven url for jei 1 year ago
  kingbdogz f90c5adc21 Add Jenkins support 1 year ago
  kingbdogz 42f9406acf Reformat code 1 year ago
  kingbdogz 48df3c3f4b First working version of BlueprintNetworks 1 year ago
  kingbdogz 50e2051308 Split off schedule layers into own component class in BakedBlueprint. BlueprintData can now only have one Entrance. New algorithm for BlueprintNetworks 1 year ago
  kingbdogz 44130cd43f Adjust project based on OrbisAPI -> OrbisLib name change, plus other code adjustments. 1 year ago
  kingbdogz a433d149db OrbisAPI -> OrbisLib 1 year ago
  kingbdogz fe020b5842 OrbisAPI - OrbisLib 1 year ago
  kingbdogz ffb048dd92 Changed to OrbisLib 1 year ago
  Coded 8fc5ae7da5 Add JEI integration to block combination GUI 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 32d0aa8f96 change: Orbis version 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 4579922fcb addition: noembed jar for building Orbis without embedded OrbisAPI. Useful for dev environments. 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 4df3ce4f87 fix: Issue where OrbisItemMetadata was serializing whole data file instead of just the dimensions. 2 years ago
  JellySquid 079a7fbbfa change: Stabilize Minecraft Forge and mappings versions, bring OrbisAPI up to speed 2 years ago
  Coded 1e74755dab Update version information 2 years ago
  Coded d0c182d30a Add artifact data to jar 2 years ago
  Coded 151b2af8e4 Update OrbisAPI 2 years ago
  Coded 4f18451747 Update mod version 2 years ago
  Coded 2b2492f85d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/alpha' into alpha 2 years ago
  Coded ed2eebb467 Update OrbisAPI 2 years ago
  Coded fa471b8898 Implement OrbisAPI Embedding 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce f53a805778 feature: Can now place block chunks as ghosts. 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce f5ddf063b6 fix: Issue with painting internal position data being duplicated. 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce ba7c9a9d83 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/alpha' into alpha 2 years ago
  Coded 3bd01dac67 Fix orbis floor errors, sound & layer mimicing works correctly 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 243764bb37 feature: Creation settings menu. 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 1d77600f72 feature: Implemented settings menu and ability to change floor visuals 2 years ago
  Coded 76627c741a Fix orbis floor model, I blame @BrandonPearce 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 0e7392681d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/alpha' into alpha 2 years ago
  Coded 1af00afe04 Add orbis floor tint index 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 36499c0dcc fix: Null check for mimic block in ClientProxy 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 17f402ffdb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/alpha' into alpha 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 46cfe710ff Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/alpha' into alpha 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce d9d26878f2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/alpha' into alpha 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 49202d0c02 fix: Right-clicking project folders in directory viewer - wasn't showing dropdown. 2 years ago
  Coded 3536623f21 Cleanup command code 2 years ago
  Coded 43b219b148 Forgot to return, related to #35 2 years ago
  Coded 2e3e854904 Prevent /gamemode crash with insufficient arguments, closes #35 2 years ago
  Coded 7b365ae8eb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/alpha' into alpha 2 years ago
  Coded 2508c54ff0 Allow orbis floor to mimic other blocks 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 69ad216d14 fix: Crash when logging out with a selection. 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 66c99f75bf update: OrbisAPI module 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 837114f809 update: Version 1.0.13 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 6beb450620 feature: "Use Experimental Features" config option to re-enable Blueprints and Scheduling. 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 3cd0c4d884 change: Removed unnecessary listener method in directory navigator 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 049207f0dd fix: Catch many exceptions related to data/projects missing. 2 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 68305904a0 feature: Can now view more project sources by creating a file "extra_project_sources.json" inside your orbis folder in your game directory. Simply add String entries of source locations on your PC. 2 years ago