Orbis is a new tool and platform being developed by Gilded Games. It will allow both us and the community to develop structures with procedurally generated elements much easier, and implement them into our projects.
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ATTENTION: This availability is intended for programmers and early adopters only. In its current state, Orbis may be unstable. Content may be missing, broken, or subject to major change. Proceed with caution.

We ask that you have existing knowledge of Minecraft modding, locating crash reports, editing configuration files, and a bit of patience if you're wishing to report issues or contribute back.

Report a bug or issue

If you're running into bugs or other problems, feel free to create an issue on our issue tracker.


If you're wanting to create a gameplay video/review, extension or addon, parody, or any fan work of your own containing the Aether, go for it! We love seeing the content our community creates, and hope to make it as welcoming as possible for everyone. We ask however that you please don't advertise using our brand. If you're interested in sponsoring Orbis or Gilded Games, please contact us.

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