3441 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ETStareak e7d73c9079 Chinese Language File Pre-Update ~72f097ec8d 9 months ago
  ETStareak 60efc95917 更新 'src/main/resources/assets/aether/lang/zh_CN.lang' 10 months ago
  bconlon 4f0caa10e8 Implemented pointed feather texture for Moas 10 months ago
  bconlon 50480e1dfd Placeholder Guidebook entries have been added for all Aether mobs. 10 months ago
  bconlon 8651f97ae3 Finished implementation of new moa egg textures. 10 months ago
  bconlon 6fd482c1de Implemented the rest of the mob stats. 10 months ago
  bconlon 439e448af4 Advanced tooltip information no longer appears in the middle of tooltips. 10 months ago
  bconlon 65e36cae0d Fixed some model bugs with loading. 10 months ago
  bconlon e70f962f80 Players now use the bow loading animation when loading a Crossbow. 10 months ago
  bconlon 99d1b8337e Improved ordering of defense stats in Aether armor tooltips. 10 months ago
  bconlon 95b15e8fa6 Added damage stat tooltip to gloves. 10 months ago
  bconlon 01e0328f87 Fixed the positioning of Crossbows in the player's left hand. 10 months ago
  bconlon 878430ab1b Weapons now display their damage stats in their tooltip. 10 months ago
  bconlon a796d49117 Gloves now render while a player is holding a map. 10 months ago
  bconlon 4d5b490b36 Made Holystone and Skyroot Crossbows require the proper amount of ammo to special load. 10 months ago
  bconlon 7dd59b02b4 Changed implementation of the slowness from special loading a Crossbow, this should fix the issue with it randomly persisting after relog. 10 months ago
  bconlon 10c4550135 Changed Skyroot Pinecone rarity from 1/200 to 1/100. 10 months ago
  bconlon 4a96615072 Added weight debuff for Arkenium Armor. 10 months ago
  bconlon e9a569fac8 Aether Leaves now have fast graphics textures. 10 months ago
  bconlon 007f34a202 Fixed server crash from effect particles. 10 months ago
  bconlon e06c99281b Splints, Bandages, and Healing Stones no longer play the drinking sound when used. 10 months ago
  bconlon eb3affb898 Improved crossbow animation. 10 months ago
  bconlon b4552cb96b Updated incubator egg slot texture. 10 months ago
  bconlon cb844cf620 Added gilt value to Skyroot Pinecones. 10 months ago
  bconlon b306d075af New moa egg textures. New rainbow moa egg texture still pending. 10 months ago
  bconlon e6ce69fff7 Added Skyroot Pinecones and 3 types of Moa Feed (Moa Feed, Blueberry Moa Feed, and Enchanted Moa Feed). Skyroot Pinecones drop from trees with a similar rarity to apples, and Moa Feed can be crafted with a Skyroot Pinecone. Moa Feed can be used to heal Moas. 10 months ago
  bconlon 5c64e62eda The Glactrix now uses Aerbunny sounds. 10 months ago
  bconlon 1a3263fa00 Organized creative tabs. 10 months ago
  bconlon c1fdbdb5d0 Separated the consumables tab into a food tab and a non-foods consumable tab. 10 months ago
  bconlon 0b89aed9c2 Adjusted temptation items for the Aerbunny and Moa. 10 months ago
  bconlon 505fd5d30a Fixed bug that allowed for the creation of glowstone portals. 10 months ago
  bconlon 4c1a69e1e6 Fixed gloves rendering too far up the player's arm on the slim player model. 10 months ago
  bconlon 539d4cdef6 Fixed issue with NPE from the container name fix on server. 10 months ago
  bconlon 1810e7459f Better implemented the fix for container names not staying after relog. This fixes another issue that was caused with putting items into container slots acting buggy. 10 months ago
  bconlon e5b20284b4 New Incubator behavior. Also fixed a crash with the Masonry Bench. 10 months ago
  bconlon e5fcba85fa Moas are immediately hungry when hatched from an incubator. 10 months ago
  bconlon 93156929ee Container names now stay after relog. 10 months ago
  bconlon e841c259da Fixed issue with container inventories not copying with pick block. 10 months ago
  bconlon 41bf919a1e Added hopper support for Aether containers. 10 months ago
  bconlon 8f5cfe722c Fixed some typos. 10 months ago
  bconlon a501df8b8f The masonry bench now properly drops its contents when broken. 10 months ago
  bconlon a251bd924a Fixed issue with Moas freezing upon falling out of the world. 10 months ago
  bconlon 3c8128c40a Implemented new Masonry Bench GUI and functionality. Also organized some slot classes into different folders. 10 months ago
  bconlon 20a2914308 Fixed multiplayer crash from EquipmentModule. 10 months ago
  bconlon 37187b45e0 Reverted last commit. 10 months ago
  bconlon 9447ee4a40 Multiplayer fix test. 10 months ago
  bconlon fa2604db26 Moved the initialization for Icestone Cooler recipes into RecipesAether. 10 months ago
  bconlon 0f81200d31 Temporarily made dart shooters and darts unobtainable until their new behavior is implemented. 10 months ago
  bconlon fec4d3a4f5 Status effects now produce particles. The particle count may be subject to change. 10 months ago
  bconlon 536f58f9cc Reverted fix from previous commit due to it not working completely. 10 months ago