3053 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Angeline f9f5dc22a9
performance: Remove stale status effects from entity pools 4 days ago
  Angeline 3edf74a448
performance: Optimize StatusEffectPool code 4 days ago
  Angeline c30e38fe55 Version numbers are hard, we're actually version 0.2.0 now 3 weeks ago
  Angeline d9c777addd bump: Bump Aether II version to 0.1.3 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 96a8644cd3 bump: Bump Phosphor version to 0.1.6+build31 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 244c083682 update: Update OrbisLib 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 61abb3bc3d change: Silence status effect logging 3 weeks ago
  Angeline f572012400 fix: Update Crazy Mutant Sapling's item ID in shop data 3 weeks ago
  Jaryt Bustard 040c1fc8ba fix: Moas now can be ridden + fast fall improvement 3 weeks ago
  Angeline f286cbef8b update: Update OrbisLib 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 28b5f85943 fix: Send the correct block update when generating Gravitite Ore 3 weeks ago
  Angeline e88847e8de fix: Update Phosphor to resolve critical issue 4 weeks ago
  Angeline 91ed50e828 change: Don't use Gradle daemon when building 4 weeks ago
  Angeline 0a0b5db5b1 fix: Don't use ciBuild task 4 weeks ago
  Angeline e2fb527acb fix: Have the build task depend on signing jars 4 weeks ago
  Angeline c599d78c00 update: Update to latest Phosphor build 4 weeks ago
  Angeline 4fb4e3bfd5 fix: Fix issues with jar signing and AT relocation 4 weeks ago
  Angeline d1945ccf9c update: Update README.md and CONTRIBUTING.md 4 weeks ago
  Jaryt Bustard af90a223a3 revert: flying ai for next build stability 4 weeks ago
  chrisloyde 47ce1e7d61 fix: forgot to push bookmark resource files. 1 month ago
  chrisloyde 83831a4e44 feature: Guidebook tabbing system 1 month ago
  chrisloyde c9e0fde195 [fix] Provided additional documentation for Guidebook pages. 1 month ago
  chrisloyde 1b9a69e5f8 [feature] Basic implementations of other Traveler's Guidebook pages 1 month ago
  chrisloyde 165596cc97 [feature] Traveler's Guidebook (Equipment/Inventory only) 1 month ago
  Angeline fab131f859 update: Update OrbisAPI to fix critical crash on single core CPUs 1 month ago
  Jaryt Bustard 31644865a4 change: Improved sheepuff model 1 month ago
  Jaryt Bustard a5b4ef3f20 fix: Sheepuff related issues 1 month ago
  Angeline 62f13aff5e change: Don't modify vanilla EntityDataManager packets 1 month ago
  Angeline 47804f791f fix: Add missing Wildcard JSON models and textures 1 month ago
  Angeline 634698801b update: Update Phosphor version to 0.1.3+build27 1 month ago
  Angeline adf9f6716c change: Disable Patreon reward API endpoint temporarily 1 month ago
  Angeline fcd6d51489 fix: Check if a chunk is loaded when generating Aerclouds 1 month ago
  Angeline 01ef7087f4 fix: Ensure AetherDataSerializers are initialized 1 month ago
  Angeline ed56985132 fix: Do not load LWJGL classes on the server 1 month ago
  Angeline 2b0bf7a8d4 update: Bump Phosphor version to improve SpongeForge compatibility 1 month ago
  Angeline 2519e4f334 fix: Fix obliterated submodule revision ID 1 month ago
  Angeline bec1de2831 fix: Continue using `orbis-api` identifier for data file parsing 1 month ago
  Angeline ff26cc039a refactor: Refactor `com.gildedgames.orbis_api` to `com.gildedgames.orbis.lib` 1 month ago
  Angeline b2317b59c0 Move from OrbisAPI to Orbis-Library! 1 month ago
  Angeline d3fd017b34 fix: Enable jar signing 1 month ago
  Angeline 206a32a376 update: Update OrbisAPI, fix build errors 1 month ago
  Angeline e390734fd2 fix: Include our MANIFEST in the universal JAR 1 month ago
  Angeline 24fe758631 fix: Change Gilded Games repository URL, resolve missing assets issue in IntelliJ 1 month ago
  Angeline 0b6886b762 update: Update README for Gitea 1 month ago
  Angeline 8065474550 change: Make sure the reobfJarWithAssets task is signed and contains caches 1 month ago
  Angeline e1f3757c63 change: Use Jenkins build number 1 month ago
  Angeline 539bf93ced change: Add Jenkins build configuration, don't build OrbisAPI twice 1 month ago
  Angeline 003212fe83 refactor: Cleanup access transformers 1 month ago
  Angeline 3ae2538b7f update: Update OrbisAPI submodule 1 month ago