63 Commits (master)

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  JellySquid fdb5925fdb Patched creator tools temporarily 3 years ago
  JellySquid e8ab3bebc9 Final preparations for indev keys 3 years ago
  JellySquid abc0382cdc Changing the key now forcefully refreshes the play view 3 years ago
  JellySquid 101a7abf3e Added game key support, fixed some lists not having a scrollbar (closes #10) 3 years ago
  JellySquid 9b21839428 Temporary files can now be deleted alongside cached assets 3 years ago
  JellySquid ec101f2da1 Added UI spinners, background loads away from the UI thread, improved startup times and CPU usage when closed 3 years ago
  JellySquid 0df02ed979 Fixed some padding issues on the titlebar, changed some URLs so we can measure page views (anonymously) 3 years ago
  JellySquid b39400ce02 Updated some UI elements 3 years ago
  JellySquid 1792aa945c Added some basic animations 4 years ago
  JellySquid 7e442403ee Fixed a maximize problem with some configurations 4 years ago
  JellySquid cd355acd4a Fixed a few button and icons, version bump 4 years ago
  JellySquid 95f9b56048 Added window resizing/maximizing 4 years ago
  JellySquid 65aef7f8fc Fixed README.md license details 4 years ago
  JellySquid 88bb453b5c Version bump 4 years ago
  JellySquid c4528c3646 Fixed a derp 4 years ago
  JellySquid 9a83268dbf Added auto-updater 4 years ago
  JellySquid 000b9645b8 Added push button UI style 4 years ago
  JellySquid b1e064762c Fixed the last used account not being remembered, closes #1 4 years ago
  JellySquid b5763415a0 Version bump 4 years ago
  JellySquid 077c1628b8 Fixed bootstrapper and updates 4 years ago
  JellySquid c36d02bd27 Fixed updates not appearing 4 years ago
  JellySquid 6b479671be Bump version 4 years ago
  JellySquid 12b4b9d96a Fixed a problem where the launcher UI gets confused about invalid accounts 4 years ago
  JellySquid a20d8b82af Update README.md 4 years ago
  JellySquid bbeae3f458 Added about screen 4 years ago
  JellySquid 73497b72a6 Added GZIP support to bootstrapper, added Java settings, added Patreon badge 4 years ago
  JellySquid e9fcf1d047 Fixed installed/play button label 4 years ago
  JellySquid 7a6086dd0a Added an option to clear the cache 4 years ago
  JellySquid 778aed31b2 Fixed problems with instance list 4 years ago
  JellySquid 6cbc09d81f Updated some more UI elements 4 years ago
  JellySquid 6d37cd25ae Updated profile icons 4 years ago
  JellySquid c62f9ee0f9 Fixed a visual bug with the pressed state of buttons 4 years ago
  JellySquid f5d2d6cee7 Fixed news tiles scrolling speed 4 years ago
  JellySquid 42805f4b5e Improved cache performance significantly, improved news tiles 4 years ago
  JellySquid b1b931dae9 Fixed a news cache problem 4 years ago
  JellySquid d54b7bcdeb Updated error handling to survive server outages 4 years ago
  JellySquid 5a2023bdc9 Buttons and feed tiles now have click states 4 years ago
  JellySquid d70b831680 Renamed GG Launcher to Aether Launcher 4 years ago
  JellySquid eb6ef26cdd Reduced launcher size 4 years ago
  JellySquid 53edc92cc4 Updated launcher UI, added news feed and tiles 4 years ago
  JellySquid 77a2d9f704 Moved install progress reporting into the main window 4 years ago
  JellySquid edd0837a77 New main UI, lots of UI tweaks 4 years ago
  JellySquid e84fa0b919 Experiemental options GUI, incomplete 4 years ago
  JellySquid 9dffab63fd Fixed an avatar caching bug 4 years ago
  JellySquid 4ee732adf5 Updated to new progress UI, avatar fixes, icon improvements 4 years ago
  JellySquid 83f2a5ac45 Updated to Java 8 (lambdas are super nice), lots of speed improvements, avatars now display 4 years ago
  JellySquid fc58dc145e Fixed a lot of issues with sessions, updated various buttons to use new UI views 4 years ago
  JellySquid 4dba699734 Fixed some hidden compile errors when building with Gradle 4 years ago
  JellySquid 7d5442330f Added account management, launching the game now properly tries to refresh accounts 4 years ago
  JellySquid 054f5a3827 More work on user accounts 4 years ago