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  Brandon Pearce 7c41be0b89 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 3 months ago
  forestbat 9540f90956 Upload New File 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 172b054325 fix: MCMod.info using metadata, set to false version 2 7 months ago
  Brandon Pearce c16caaa1c2 fix: MCMod.info using metadata, set to false 7 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 515451cffc change: Required-after line 7 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 3862ba5777 update: submodule 7 months ago
  Brandon Pearce d35c2245b6 update: version 7 months ago
  Brandon Pearce a6ec034740 feature/fixes: Lots of work on Pathways and other bug fixes 7 months ago
  TheCodedOne 32296d45e5 Update Orbis API 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 695745e6e2 fix: Removed shadow backdrop on right-click menu for Blueprints 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne a22e1ff575 Fix entrance render offset 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 9e06ff214c Fix incorrect blueprint snapping logic 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne c072b37082 Make the layer editor show which layer is selected and improve selected layer logic, closes #10 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 8c01758abc Change default reach keybindings to brackets 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 309ac92bce Improve blueprint edge snapping code 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 587a3104e4 Fix blueprint edge snapping 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 50d183ee67 Improve keybindings to have more control 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 58f256536c Fix blueprint raytracing, allowing block placing again 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 03d540f83a Fix large blueprints breaking 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 28e4cff12e Update API 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne 641e41790d Cleanup the API, start using Optional 8 months ago
  TheCodedOne b640b71fd6 Improve item placement logic 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 9f855caafc update: OrbisAPI module 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 231d471fcf update: OrbisAPI module 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce e98797d6c3 feature: PostResolveactionSpawnEntities can use custom rotation now 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 3a996fd466 update: OrbisAPI module 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce deb7f888f5 feature: Can now use conditions with Schedule Regions. Post resolve actions added, starting with Mutate Blueprint Variable, Spawn Entities and Apply Loot Table. 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 29556d9fcf fix: Orbis not forcing Orbis API dependency on load 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce fed08c7a74 fix: All broken GUIs from library rewrite. Back to normal now. 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce d80031f2a5 change: Remove Link is now two elements again: 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 9ce9851c9a change: Remove Link is now just one dropdown element. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce a3face16b9 feature: Can now unlink nodes with right-click dropdown options. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 6d15fcbd02 fix: Fill with void not working while in Schedule mode. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 10addde260 update: OrbisAPI module 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce c76370eeae fix: Packet reading back NBT tags 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 941f3440bf feature: Can now enable/disable "Chooses per block on post gen". 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce ddf70287ce feature: Schedule Layers can now determine whether or not they replace solid blocks through their variable menu 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 3470ebd357 fix: Issues with schedule blocks rendering with wrong texture map. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 68497ee6e5 fix: Text rendering bugs. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 5a3d1e46c2 change: Made it so focused layers always render. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 4d9b5b9abf feature: Schedule layers can now be hidden. Can shift-click tick box to hide children too. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce d21821261e update: OrbisAPI module 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 94c61bd839 update: OrbisAPI module 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 23ec8673ca fix: Several issues with mods using a project id while a project with the same id is in a user's local folder 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce ade639cb3a feature: Can now copy and paste nodes in layer editor GUI. Super useful for conditions and resolve actions. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 3fc8fabd05 fix: Bug with being able to create empty-named data files 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 75e834f660 fix: Project manager incorrectly stopping on world load. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 9a925721e5 fix: Project listing no longer sends projects that are used by mod developers. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 3a2dc6ea0c fix: Many issues with blueprints/schedule regions. 9 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 19ce67a544 fix: Accidental compile errors. 9 months ago