273 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Angeline 9423a1219c change: Remove world storage creation logging 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 646f6e5b28 change: Remove sector load/unload logging 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 59cf68dc98 fix: Make sure WorldSlice fires block updates so clients receive changes 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 7206e6f1ed change: Don't use Gradle daemon when building 4 weeks ago
  Angeline 7310e98e0f fix: Have the build task depend on signing jars 4 weeks ago
  Angeline 2d11047753 fix: Reduce outrageous size of assets 4 weeks ago
  Angeline 786ff60c38 fix: Fix issues with jar signing and AT relocation 4 weeks ago
  Angeline 95632fef22 fix: Resolve thread pool initialization crashes on single-core CPUs 1 month ago
  Angeline 6df737e876 fix: Continue using `orbis-api` identifier for data file parsing 1 month ago
  Angeline 82a9e70dd3 fix: Fix missing mod name change to OrbisLib 1 month ago
  Angeline 34288c235a refactor: Refactor `com.gildedgames.orbis_api` to `com.gildedgames.orbis.lib` 1 month ago
  Angeline c1ca1f2c93 OrbisAPI is no more, say hello to Orbis-Library 1 month ago
  Angeline 21ea2246d8 change: Don't use Trove collections 1 month ago
  Angeline 4dbb6ee2c8 Add Jenkinsfile and update build.gradle for Maven publication 1 month ago
  Angeline 2d2ba53904 performance: Implement much faster initial skylight generation code 2 months ago
  Angeline 2f976cf898 change: Update version scheme to include build/snapshot information 2 months ago
  Angeline 7315131f40 performance: Improve CI build times by caching the .gradle directory 2 months ago
  Angeline c0a36a0979 Version bump OrbisAPI to 0.2.0 2 months ago
  Angeline 99592df21d Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master' into experiment_cubic_chunks 2 months ago
  Angeline 59a3c72e49 refactor: Move light update logic out of WorldSlice 2 months ago
  Angeline 62562a211b fix: Fixed some issues with Tile Entities in blueprint data 2 months ago
  Angeline aad13299a6 refactor: Remove heightmap initialization from chunk generation steps 2 months ago
  Angeline eda022228a refactor: Moved rotation code out of BlockDataContainer and into BakedBlueprint 2 months ago
  Angeline 196f9c5b79 change: Use 16x8x16 segments in ChunkMask rather than 16x16x16 2 months ago
  Angeline 774c3dec29 new: Provide methods to access the lowest and highest sections in a ChunkMask 2 months ago
  Angeline e8e95937d1 fix: Fix issues where a structure's bounding box would not rotate correctly 2 months ago
  Angeline c9435609da fix: Fixed errors where rotatable blocks would not be rotated in structures 2 months ago
  Angeline 36308573b3 new: Implement XorshiftGenerator 2 months ago
  Angeline 360667e678 refactor: Move RNG classes into their own package 2 months ago
  Angeline 413359e584 performance: Chunk up ChunkMask into ChunkMaskSegments 2 months ago
  Angeline 09d1605f9d performance: Add a faster method for finding the tallest block to WorldSlice 2 months ago
  Angeline e81ef03e1a performance: Avoid ArrayUtils#contains(T[], T) where possible 2 months ago
  Angeline 6711b51ddb performance: Use identity hashing for IBlockState keys in BlockDataContainer 2 months ago
  Angeline 22e89a50c9 new: Add ArrayHelper class to substitute slower Apache variant 2 months ago
  Angeline 0c52196c9a performance: Separate block IDs from block metadata in BlockDataContainer 2 months ago
  Angeline 3428e31d25 refactor: Remove biome passthrough from IPrepRegistryEntry 2 months ago
  JellySquid e4fdc437ed fix: Fixed scenarios where BlockData would not provide a Block instance 3 months ago
  JellySquid 05d36345fc fix: Do not cache baked blueprints after they have been placed 3 months ago
  JellySquid a3bc9d6019 performance: Implement WorldSlice class, optimize block filtering 3 months ago
  JellySquid 76f88afa18 performance: Do not serialize BakedBlueprints 3 months ago
  JellySquid cb6e37dcd8 fix: Fixed bad logic operator in PlacementCondition#replaceable 3 months ago
  JellySquid df1fb502b7 performance: Change placement conditions system 3 months ago
  JellySquid 3906a33766 performance: Remove unnecessary sanity checks in ChunkSegmentMask 3 months ago
  JellySquid 3919f4aa44 performance: Avoid re-allocating BlockStateCacher 3 months ago
  JellySquid 64c0bb647b performance: Remove expensive block comparision check in BlockFilters 3 months ago
  JellySquid 8e75f389d4 performance: Replace usage of slower Trove collection types 3 months ago
  JellySquid cb51716c28 performance: Use ExtendedBlockStoarge for ChunkDataContainer 3 months ago
  JellySquid dd90f635c1 performance: Avoid excessive blueprint re-baking when rotating 3 months ago
  JellySquid bc5d237ce5 performance: Provide faster methods for ObjectFilter to retrieve objects 3 months ago
  JellySquid 90458b1ef8 Prepare OrbisAPI release 0.1.1 3 months ago