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  Raptor d637a5c374 Added Aerwhales 2 months ago
  Raptor b1efcfa1c9 Fixed Treasure Chest lid not opening 2 months ago
  Raptor cc982027ab Merge pull request 'Implement valkyrie tools into the mod. Fixed a server crash where the game would attempt to load classes marked with OnlyIn(Dist.Client).' (#6) from Burning-Cactus/The-Aether--Recoded:feature/items into master 2 months ago
  Burning-Cactus 0a8de46a0e Resolved merge conflict in AetherItems. Made a few other tweaks to my code for the sake of conventions. 2 months ago
  Raptor f5ad6f973f Merge pull request 'Cockatrices, Lightning Weapons' (#5) from heirloom_carrot/The-Aether--Recoded:master into master 2 months ago
  Burning-Cactus b27246ef78 Clean up unused code and comments leftover from last commit. 2 months ago
  Burning-Cactus 065b185e86 Fixed a server crash where the game would attempt to load classes marked with OnlyIn(Dist.Client). Partially implemented valkyrie tools. 2 months ago
  reetamb 97ba083e51 tried to clean up conflicts part 1 2 months ago
  reetamb ef70cbab41 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.gildedgames.com/GildedGames/The-Aether--Recoded 2 months ago
  Raptor d033cb5396 Added Treasure Chests 2 months ago
  Raptor fa8dd6ebbb (Refactoring) Unified all number literals 2 months ago
  reetamb 20bf06903b made lightning knife go further 2 months ago
  reetamb 119f6796a7 remove unnecessary imports 2 months ago
  Raptor 9dd55a438e Minor fixes and changes from previous merge 2 months ago
  Raptor 5e3968f17a Merge pull request '[Feature] Add phygs, flying cows, sheepuff, and zephyrs.' (#3) from Burning-Cactus/The-Aether--Recoded:feature/entities into master 2 months ago
  Burning-Cactus 0fb92ee5eb Zephyrs work now. 2 months ago
  azwerlein77@gmail.com 06eab4d2d2 Added phygs, flying cows, sheepuffs, and zephyrs to the mod. All of them have their own spawn eggs, and all of them spawn naturally in the Aether. 2 months ago
  reetamb b66642889c Added lightning sword 2 months ago
  reetamb 18fd859986 Added cockatrice emission layer 2 months ago
  reetamb 6386c53ec1 Fixed lightning knife rendering and made them go a bit further 2 months ago
  reetamb 882f9fece2 Partially added Cockatrices 3 months ago
  Raptor aca250d8b7 Added most* of the missing blocks 4 months ago
  quek 8888a62c8a improved terrain gen kinda & updated mappings 6 months ago
  Raptor b2573c3125 Added skyroot/golden oak stripped & wood variants 6 months ago
  Raptor fabd14aa67 Made normal torches not work in the Aether 6 months ago
  Raptor e136944b19 Moas can now jump when being ridden 6 months ago
  Raptor af8715d3e9 Fixed some things regarding fences and tags 6 months ago
  Raptor b469e0cbfe Added Skyroot Fence + Gates 6 months ago
  Raptor b6922d030a Partially implemented Moas 6 months ago
  Raptor a8f8566232 Update AetherItems.java 6 months ago
  Raptor 914c592bbc Fixed generation & sky 6 months ago
  Raptor 9032637411 Added Chest Mimic block 6 months ago
  quek ff3b1c1251 fixed the enter aether advancement. probably. hopefully. i dont know 6 months ago
  quek a02ef41c38 added the thing that made the eventbus subscriber not break 6 months ago
  Raptor b95c386d9f Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.gildedgames.com/GildedGames/The-Aether--Recoded 6 months ago
  Raptor f6c2b63434 Added Ambrosium Torches and Lightning Knives 6 months ago
  Raptor 04ce3c1d2f Completed Update to 1.15.2 6 months ago
  quek 220f94437d waterfalls 6 months ago
  quek 484503236e improved terrain gen, i guess 6 months ago
  quek 9d48e24761 skyroot trees, will do golden oaks later. they're being weird 6 months ago
  quek 929b5919e8 basis 1.15.2 6 months ago
  quek f12d6e7923 gave the aether the overworld's daylight cycle 6 months ago
  quek e08db478b9 deleted deprecated biome provider stuff, silly me!!!!! 6 months ago
  quek 382096a318 GRASS 6 months ago
  quek b17f62879f added ore gen 6 months ago
  Raptor a958a07dec Miscellaneous updates 6 months ago
  Raptor a67b005a68 Sound Events hotfix 6 months ago
  Raptor 2be9c8379c Added Aether Portals 6 months ago
  Raptor 4c2feb2876 Re-Fixed AetherSoundEvents.java 6 months ago
  Raptor 810d59f101 Moved Aether DimensionType registration to AetherDimensions.java 6 months ago