3573 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bconlon 1e2e6ffa5e Weather effect test. 1 month ago
  bconlon d32f7f463e Removed normal Attack Damage Charms and replaced them with Charms for each damage type. 1 month ago
  bconlon d034663db0 Cooler Recipes now support weighted outputs. 1 month ago
  bconlon 27ac2ffaee Irradiated Dust Blocks can now drop multiple Irradiated Dust items. 1 month ago
  bconlon 58b0e0a453 Removed Irradiated Chunk. 1 month ago
  bconlon 670a4c611d Removed emoji. 1 month ago
  bconlon a54043319e Trying to fix an emoji. 1 month ago
  bconlon bd0780b2df Update translation credits. 1 month ago
  bconlon 8f89d26ed3 Merge pull request 'Translated into Russian' (#417) from Dr_Hesperus/The-Aether-II:1.12.2 into 1.12.2 1 month ago
  bconlon 4fa685d09f Merge pull request 'Add zh_TW.lang' (#327) from aianlinb/The-Aether-II:1.12.2 into 1.12.2 1 month ago
  bconlon 2bce77b3ab Edited mcmod.info 1 month ago
  bconlon 037e713930 Merge pull request 'Safe entity casting - Fix compatibility issue with Advanced Rocketry' (#294) from alisww/The-Aether-II:1.12.2 into 1.12.2 1 month ago
  Hugo 7850c61fd6 Slight tweak to Kirrid wool model. 1 month ago
  bconlon 28aadff5e3 Additions: 1 month ago
  bconlon 85cdc97b6d Adjusted world gen values, the generation for terrain now looks a bit better with smaller islands. 1 month ago
  bconlon 4cb5cbaf2c Halved island sizes. 1 month ago
  bconlon cda8d7a830 Basic implementation of Irradiated Dust Block. Currently unobtainable, has basic loot drops that probably will need balancing. 1 month ago
  bconlon 31509baf57 Added Irradiated Holystone. The block generates in the cracks of the Irradiated Forests. 1 month ago
  bconlon eeea833a62 The damage system now supports critical hits. 1 month ago
  bconlon 5ac383a7d3 Zanite Sword no longer does much more damage than it's supposed to. 1 month ago
  bconlon a466868509 Fixed Presents crashing servers. 1 month ago
  bconlon 4704c25b55 Ice Crystals no longer become missing textures when sometimes silk touched. 1 month ago
  bconlon d8f0d475bb Presents in the player's inventory render as the correct color instead of always being red and white. 1 month ago
  bconlon 91857f9297 Merge pull request 'Added recipe book functionality and fixed parachute IDs.' (#419) from Burning-Cactus/The-Aether-II-Bugfixes:1.12.2 into 1.12.2 1 month ago
  bconlon 0ca72cb01e Entering spectator will dismount Aerbunnies. 1 month ago
  bconlon 6d3d0465ab Improved logic for Cloud Parachutes being added to the player's inventory so they won't overwrite mainhand items. 1 month ago
  bconlon f807fe5d8b All Scatterglass blocks now require a pickaxe to mine. 1 month ago
  bconlon 9339a60ad2 Skyroot Tools can no longer duplicate Wither Skeleton Skulls. 1 month ago
  bconlon 2182562350 Wither Stars can no longer be doubled with Skyroot Tools. 1 month ago
  bconlon eea6779865 Shears now work efficiently on Orange Trees and Crude Scatterglass can't be broken without a pickaxe. 1 month ago
  Archie ba39144d64 Cloud parachutes are now properly separated by ID, fixes issue #406 4 months ago
  Воронин Алексей Сергеевич 80a4ada118 Update and translated into Russian 5 months ago
  Воронин Алексей Сергеевич b86836352e Translated into Russian 5 months ago
  Воронин Алексей Сергеевич be522b6b8e Update 5 months ago
  Воронин Алексей Сергеевич c61f6b2096 Create ru_RU.lang 5 months ago
  bconlon a6fbaf98cc Revert. 5 months ago
  bconlon d1c2107d7e Ignore this commit, it will be reverted soon. 5 months ago
  bconlon a30771a588 Probably fixed the issue with skyroot beds not requiring all players to sleep in multiplayer. 5 months ago
  bconlon 26f1845f04 Fixed issue with the Tempest's outer layer not turning red upon damage. 5 months ago
  bconlon e46533aa2f Disabled cave mob spawning module, should fix some server issues. 8 months ago
  bconlon 5bd89398db Temporarily changed aechor petal drops to be from the Aechor Plant's death instead of every time it's hit. The petal system for Aechor Plants needs to be reworked at some point. 8 months ago
  bconlon fe83e24531 Removed print statement. The saturation boost crash has been fixed. 8 months ago
  bconlon 4f3b2bc946 Another test once again, but hopefully this time with the proper field value. 8 months ago
  bconlon cd00e1ed9d Another possible fix. 8 months ago
  bconlon 312d619e91 Another test. 8 months ago
  bconlon 8efec50d6b Possible fix to crash from eating food. Don't know until I test it outside the dev environment. 8 months ago
  bconlon 38100370b2 Quick addition of guidebook entry art for the Carrion Sprout. 8 months ago
  bconlon 38670034e4 Quick fix to Aechor Plant bestiary entry texture. 8 months ago
  bconlon f5d8d1e6cd Bumped version to 0.3.0. 8 months ago
  bconlon d5fd4edb29 Merge branch '1.12.2' of https://gitea.gildedgames.com/GildedGames/The-Aether-II into 1.12.2 8 months ago