3139 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Angeline d492eaa3a7
fix: Ensure that multi-block TEs have a linked controller 2 days ago
  Angeline d5222552ab
fix: Fixed the portal overlay not dissipating after leaving the Aether Portal in non-Aether dimensions 3 days ago
  Angeline 54b00b939f
fix: Display the Aether inventory tabs regardless of dimension 5 days ago
  Angeline eae6282ecb
fix: Fixed portal creation in the original Aether being blocked by our "helpful" dialog 1 week ago
  Angeline 51f3c555fa
Bump version to 0.2.6 1 week ago
  Angeline 1ea80bfb39
fix: Do not create a TE when Skyroot Beds are placed 3 weeks ago
  Angeline f9076d11a0
fix: Fixed Quartz Portal creation when the Aether is installed 3 weeks ago
  Angeline a21f703c4c
fix: Make sure the Skyroot Bed tile entity is registered, fixes #222 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 71f9c21f7f
Bump version to 0.2.5 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 244a684444
fix: Remove inlined static fields representing SoundEvents 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 63493a6e6d
fix: Do not attempt to analyze the player's last known position if it does not exist 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 907395d2ae
Bump version to 0.2.4 3 weeks ago
  Angeline a913f425eb
fix: Clear the player's last portal location if located in the Aether 3 weeks ago
  Angeline d0b20c9189
fix: Do not permit the player to use the Quartz Portal in the Aether 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 155eee7944
fix: Prevent the Quartz Portal from being created in the Aether 3 weeks ago
  Angeline a24445f299
update: Bump mod version to 0.2.3 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 202451f286
update: Update Phosphor to 0.2.5 3 weeks ago
  Angeline 42f3b20421
fix: Update OrbisLib to a valid commit 1 month ago
  Angeline 6864f8591d
refactor: Refactor all the things! 1 month ago
  Angeline 97b5398bbd
refactor: Integrate island preparation code from OrbisLib 1 month ago
  Angeline edb56cb0b5
performance: Avoid pushing GL matrices if we are the only child in a branch 1 month ago
  Angeline 37e23cea05
new: Add low detail Carrion Sprout model 1 month ago
  Angeline 36976dac6e
new: Add low detail Taegore model 1 month ago
  Angeline c680a9838d
change: Implement new Level of Detail rendering system for mob models 1 month ago
  Angeline 881293ed28
revert: Revert broken texture changes to Masonry Bench 1 month ago
  Angeline 399db33f53
change: Drop Skyroot Sword loot at the location of the dying entity, not at the player's feet 1 month ago
  Angeline 20bdb0d0ee
fix: Skyroot Sign renderer no longer leaves lighting enabled 1 month ago
  Angeline 3cafc1ffb6
fix: Teleport the player to the overworld's spawn if no last known location exists 1 month ago
  Angeline 0b63fabd37
refactor: Re-organize all event subscribers into separate classes 1 month ago
  Angeline 23a3106382
refactor: Move registrars into public API 1 month ago
  Angeline fd344294e3
change: Hugely improve Skybox texture memory efficiency 1 month ago
  Angeline 9738a33a62
refactor: Unused code deletion 1 month ago
  Angeline 38743046e6
fix: Do not change lighting state when rendering Swet overlay 1 month ago
  Angeline acb088ae78
refactor: Silence warnings about null fields in AetherCapabilities 1 month ago
  Angeline 085c1fad56
refactor: PlayerAether#getPlayer can no longer return null or accept non-player entities 1 month ago
  Angeline ad180f54a2
change: Significant changes to player module API 1 month ago
  Angeline 509143747c
change: Allow the Burrukai to take (limited) knockback 1 month ago
  Angeline a1fd674ab6
change: Improve appearance of loading screen 1 month ago
  Angeline 2a1637c9be
change: Include an activity indicator on the Aether's loading screen 1 month ago
  Angeline 0f2c35244d
change: Instantly teleport the player when using a portal if in Creative Mode 1 month ago
  Angeline 362431b32c
fix: Implement teleportation cooldown 1 month ago
  Angeline 066dfc7f2e
new: Allow the creation of Quartz Portals 1 month ago
  Angeline cb6cf28ce9
fix: Place the player in the center of blocks when teleporting 1 month ago
  Angeline 0742d6e7c6
change: Improve portal teleportation logic significantly 1 month ago
  Angeline 1dade606b3
fix: Remove onUpdate() for player modules, move logic to start/end tick events 1 month ago
  Angeline f94dc003af
change: Remove fade-in and player freeze logic from portals 1 month ago
  Angeline 7d9014fb30
change: Improved heuristic for determining if a download came from an unofficial source 1 month ago
  Angeline 8ec34fb9e7
change: Make the integrity check warning screen more clear 1 month ago
  Angeline a7a3be7b43
fix: Tweaked hitboxes of NPCs to resolve block clipping issues on spawn 1 month ago
  Brandon Pearce 01213a5089 Tempests now attempt to hide from sunlight. 1 month ago