3532 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bconlon e46533aa2f Disabled cave mob spawning module, should fix some server issues. 1 week ago
  bconlon 5bd89398db Temporarily changed aechor petal drops to be from the Aechor Plant's death instead of every time it's hit. The petal system for Aechor Plants needs to be reworked at some point. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon fe83e24531 Removed print statement. The saturation boost crash has been fixed. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 4f3b2bc946 Another test once again, but hopefully this time with the proper field value. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon cd00e1ed9d Another possible fix. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 312d619e91 Another test. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 8efec50d6b Possible fix to crash from eating food. Don't know until I test it outside the dev environment. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 38100370b2 Quick addition of guidebook entry art for the Carrion Sprout. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 38670034e4 Quick fix to Aechor Plant bestiary entry texture. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon f5d8d1e6cd Bumped version to 0.3.0. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon d5fd4edb29 Merge branch '1.12.2' of https://gitea.gildedgames.com/GildedGames/The-Aether-II into 1.12.2 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 2df0d4dffa Improved guidebook visuals. 2 weeks ago
  Hugo fa637cd39b Added tooltips to Aether II config options. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 39843c1f4d Implemented icons for all bestiary entries (except Glitterwing and Sheepuff). 2 weeks ago
  bconlon fe4d9b8aaf Gloves no longer get damaged from the player getting attacked, as they don't apply defense anymore. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon d0c553b1fd Removed config options for Enable Skybox and Display Inventory Pattern. This will require players to regenerate their config file again. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon e5f02bb69a Bestiary stats now properly reset if you click the icon of a mob you haven't discovered. 2 weeks ago
  Hugo 85679a15c3 Shifted Aether II GUI Tab icon to better fit. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 292da5b196 Organized initialization for bestiary entries into a new class and fixed it not working on multiplayer. 2 weeks ago
  Hugo 5975e283e6 Implemented Bestiary icons and art for the Aechor Plant, Aerbunny and Burrukai. 2 weeks ago
  Hugo bb8b0c4d6b Reduced the output of Crude Scatterglass Shards from a Crude Scatterglass block from 4 to 2. 2 weeks ago
  Hugo 39d6602249 Renamed the Aether II GUI tab to "Aether II", with bonus 20% clarity. 2 weeks ago
  Hugo 8fd0b2729e Implemented new Traveller's Guidebook Tab GUI icon. 2 weeks ago
  bconlon 33957661e8 You can no longer hurt your moa when riding it. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon d6a0d203db Sneaking now lets you descend faster in a cold cloud parachute. Taegore spawn eggs are also now recolored according to their new texture. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon 6962965a8c Moas now can't be mounted if you're feeding them moa feed. Also buffed mob strength against vanilla damage. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon bab36037a6 Various Cloud Parachute fixes. The parachutes now always properly switch to being a cold parachute when used, and they are unequipped from the player when dropped. Moving while wearing a parachute has also been made faster. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo 6bfab94c24 Implemented new Saturation Boost effect icon texture. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo 3c6c118795 Updated Blue and Purple Aercloud Parachute item recipes so they require a crafting table. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo 223c406e52 Actually implemented new Necromancer texture. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo 4ab5280fa0 Implemented new Necromancer model and dialogue portrait. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo 5eb01329a5 Aerclouds can now be cooled, with a Skyroot Bucket, into a Skyroot Water Bucket with the Icestone Cooler block. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon be2fd93b02 Guard break no longer stays when your shield breaks. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon dd4ee90967 Fixed Saturation Boost on multiplayer. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo 4eb1036342 Tweaked animations for Cockatrice, Skyroot Lizard and Varanys. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon d5a3c6a0d1 Fixed multiplayer crashed cause by the sound cancellation commit. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon 763e5f9d69 Getting a Skyroot Lizard on a Stick when your inventory is full will now drop the item. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon f1ebda0304 Burrukais, Kirrids, and Taegores now use a simpler eye renderer to cut down on textures used. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon 8fd8c72d77 Gloves now have the same attack speed as swords. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon aed57cebdd Possible adjustments for Burrukai and Taegore hitboxes. May be adjusted again later. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon d9db7205a0 Adjusted moa egg tooltip to no longer have wing strength but now have wing shape displayed. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon e974e04f3d The player's attack sound is cancelled when a mob is strong to a damage type. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon ccd808f562 Damage type critical hits now play the critical hit sound. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo ea1e55cf79 Implemented new Taegore model. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo f91b1d7ed3 Buffed damage type weakness/resistance bonuses. 3 weeks ago
  Hugo 2293ea6f6f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.12.2' into 1.12.2 3 weeks ago
  Hugo ad5ceb6d80 Fixed an issue with Aechor Plants despawning in unloaded chunks. 3 weeks ago
  bconlon d1b25370f7 Fixed issue with parachute duplication. 1 month ago
  bconlon 0b3158a5a1 Glove damage now takes cooldown into account. 1 month ago
  bconlon 6fc971dabd Prevented crossbow bolts from being critical. 1 month ago