3191 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  kingbdogz 19c5662e5d Merge branch 'tg_manager_fixed' of GildedGames/The-Aether-II into 1.12.2 1 month ago
  Angeline d492eaa3a7
fix: Ensure that multi-block TEs have a linked controller 2 months ago
  Angeline d5222552ab
fix: Fixed the portal overlay not dissipating after leaving the Aether Portal in non-Aether dimensions 2 months ago
  Angeline 54b00b939f
fix: Display the Aether inventory tabs regardless of dimension 2 months ago
  Angeline eae6282ecb
fix: Fixed portal creation in the original Aether being blocked by our "helpful" dialog 2 months ago
  Angeline 51f3c555fa
Bump version to 0.2.6 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce b6812c4c52 Fixed comments from Ange for PR 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 391c91277f SeeEntityEvent only checks for living entities 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 53fe941921 Extended radius of seen entity event 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce beebbde84a Stats only display if you have understood the beast 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 41de518186 Fix gui handler 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 473ebb3ea5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tg_manager_fixed' into tg_manager_fixed 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 08e54bb62e Merged with new changes from rebase. 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce b101be99fb Implemented proper taegore entry images and description. Implemented displayed stats. 2 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 9cc41068ec Implemented bestiary descriptions, added titles to stat and moves area, IEntityStats now has slash/pierce/impact defense levels, 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 8f25030392 Moved all guidebook gui classes to use GuiViewer/gui lib 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 31f61340f1 Fixed network syncing for player conditions, implemented bestiary slots, beast title, beast silhouette and discovered frame. 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 88578ab97a Method in ITGManager to get all entries with a tag and class type 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce aba6d21834 Properly sync discovery tab to server 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 58855a6475 Implemented proper tabs for discovery page 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce de0d162d58 Split up load method in TGManager 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce c17ed3f4cf Changed from lambda to traditional forloop 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce ca2cea5146 Changed player condition unique ids from strings to resourcelocations 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 3d7a00ec83 Removed documentation for IPlayerCondition that is no longer relevant 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce e1195feac0 Changed ConditionResolution from enum to interface 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 8da587795e Removed some unused interfaces from tg entries 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 58a8c593f6 Added load method to ITGManager 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce ecd13b01a0 Renamed ITGEntryDefinition to ITGEntry 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 43d68fda26 Removed unnecessary interfaces 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce d4381c482d Fixed comments not matching method 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 130dfccf16 Cleaning up entity check 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce 3aa13bb632 Refactoring of TGManager, added IPlayerConditionModule, feeding entity condition works, see entity condition works, kill entity condition works. 4 months ago
  Brandon Pearce c705a6d3ab Initial version of TGManager. Defines the data structure for our traveller's guidebook entries and conditions. 6 months ago
  Brandon Pearce f2c9352800 Implemented proper taegore entry images and description. Implemented displayed stats. 2 months ago
  Angeline 1ea80bfb39
fix: Do not create a TE when Skyroot Beds are placed 2 months ago
  Angeline f9076d11a0
fix: Fixed Quartz Portal creation when the Aether is installed 2 months ago
  JellySquid a21f703c4c
fix: Make sure the Skyroot Bed tile entity is registered, fixes #222 2 months ago
  JellySquid 71f9c21f7f
Bump version to 0.2.5 2 months ago
  JellySquid 244a684444
fix: Remove inlined static fields representing SoundEvents 2 months ago
  JellySquid 63493a6e6d
fix: Do not attempt to analyze the player's last known position if it does not exist 2 months ago
  JellySquid 907395d2ae
Bump version to 0.2.4 2 months ago
  JellySquid a913f425eb
fix: Clear the player's last portal location if located in the Aether 2 months ago
  JellySquid d0b20c9189
fix: Do not permit the player to use the Quartz Portal in the Aether 2 months ago
  JellySquid 155eee7944
fix: Prevent the Quartz Portal from being created in the Aether 2 months ago
  JellySquid a24445f299
update: Bump mod version to 0.2.3 2 months ago
  JellySquid 202451f286
update: Update Phosphor to 0.2.5 2 months ago
  JellySquid 42f3b20421
fix: Update OrbisLib to a valid commit 3 months ago
  JellySquid 6864f8591d
refactor: Refactor all the things! 3 months ago
  JellySquid 97b5398bbd
refactor: Integrate island preparation code from OrbisLib 3 months ago
  JellySquid edb56cb0b5
performance: Avoid pushing GL matrices if we are the only child in a branch 3 months ago