102 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Angeline 7d9014fb30
change: Improved heuristic for determining if a download came from an unofficial source 2 months ago
  Angeline 848bf40a32
fix: Fix OrbisLib JAR not being included in builds 3 months ago
  Angeline 8e18148f2f
Revert "Make use of Composite Builds for OrbisLib" 3 months ago
  Angeline f5bad1f36d
fix: Check to see if the submodule is cloned before using in builds 4 months ago
  Angeline 0eaa64f40f
change: Make use of Composite Builds for OrbisLib 4 months ago
  Angeline 3a2133dfba
fix: Fixed shaded build dependency being included de-obfuscated 4 months ago
  Angeline c1354ef190
new: Added server JAR task to Gradle build script 5 months ago
  Angeline 0a0b5db5b1 fix: Don't use ciBuild task 6 months ago
  Angeline e2fb527acb fix: Have the build task depend on signing jars 6 months ago
  Angeline 4fb4e3bfd5 fix: Fix issues with jar signing and AT relocation 6 months ago
  Angeline b2317b59c0 Move from OrbisAPI to Orbis-Library! 6 months ago
  Angeline e390734fd2 fix: Include our MANIFEST in the universal JAR 6 months ago
  Angeline 24fe758631 fix: Change Gilded Games repository URL, resolve missing assets issue in IntelliJ 6 months ago
  Angeline 8065474550 change: Make sure the reobfJarWithAssets task is signed and contains caches 6 months ago
  Angeline e1f3757c63 change: Use Jenkins build number 6 months ago
  Angeline 539bf93ced change: Add Jenkins build configuration, don't build OrbisAPI twice 6 months ago
  Angeline 2094cc4c33 performance: Remove Phosphor submodule and use a Maven dependency instead 6 months ago
  Angeline b5c6b83951 refactor: Migrate to using Phosphor as a submodule 7 months ago
  Angeline 2a93dd12ff refactor: Prepare for separating the lighting engine into a new mod 7 months ago
  JellySquid fb6a9ea545 refactor: Refactor light engine replacement ASM to use Sponge mixins 8 months ago
  JellySquid d9aa06c1ad fix: Convince Forge we're an adult 8 months ago
  JellySquid f5e90b0487 change: New lighting system 8 months ago
  Brandon Pearce e9cd0938cc feature: Orbis API now auto-embeds in jar 9 months ago
  JellySquid 2f538340fa change: Do not sign builds by default 9 months ago
  Coded 28a755b89d Revert gradle changes 10 months ago
  Coded f2a7db758c Update build.gradle to match the new buildscripts 10 months ago
  TheCodedOne f18bdfc559 Apply access transformer to jar 1 year ago
  JellySquid 98f0f01e09
change: Use generic environment variables, update submodules 1 year ago
  JellySquid 7af72abedd
change: Enabled jar-signing 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 44f174a751 change: Project-wide reformat/cleanup. 1 year ago
  JellySquid 551247b163 Switched to Git submodules 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce d01ab01a6a change: remove shadow plugin 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce deabdb2818 feature: New Patron reward system (unlocked right now) 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce bc7d8ea7ad fix: Isolate death system to Aether only 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce b2094a24a0 change: Versions. Made Orbis API version specific. Updated authors 1 year ago
  CDAGaming fd96800bac
Workspace Updates 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 3ddf462e9e change: Version 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 8ffc53e4b9 change: Adjusted to OrbisAPI. Chunk gen threaded for prep sectors. 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce a509e109d5 change: Mappings. 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 070d85f49f feature: New primitive cracks in Irradiated Forests. Still LOTS of work 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 35593412bb update: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.22 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 767901cf48 change: Dialog buttons can now contain multiple actions 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 92c2d5d69d update: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.19 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 23d3e6a756 update: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.18 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 178ca2422d release: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.17 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 2698ecb91d update: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.16 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 1e9f5bab8e update: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.15 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce 761dfd79a2 update: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.14 1 year ago
  Brandon Pearce c9a8af2dc5 update: Orbis 1.12.2-1.0.13 1 year ago
  CDAGaming 9a63b3a984
Optimize Imports 1 year ago