• #149
    Client kicked immediately upon entering the Aether Dimension when using Waterfall proxy affects/proxy priority/medium status/confirmed type/crash

    closed 1 year ago by CDAGaming

  • #109
    Orbis API Crashes Game affects/mod status/pending-review 1

    closed 5 months ago by necromancer

  • #110
    Mysterious Figure's Hitbox priority/medium status/confirmed status/help-wanted type/bug 2

    closed 7 months ago by necromancer

  • #87
    Entering the Aether the first time dropped me in a void, then gets me stuck in a loading screen for subsequent times. Force closing and reloading kills me on the Overworld. affects/mod status/pending-review 8

    closed 5 months ago by necromancer

  • #79
    Lots of logspam on start priority/low status/confirmed status/pending-review type/annoyance 1

    closed 1 year ago by necromancer

  • #41
    Swet visual overlay sizing concern with windowed/fullscreen modes priority/low status/confirmed 1

    closed 5 months ago by necromancer

  • #47
    Scatterglass and Quicksoil panes and blocks (except masonry bench variants) can be dropped and retrieved by hand status/confirmed 3

    closed 5 months ago by necromancer

  • #78
    Arkenium Shears Cannot Be Repaired In Altar priority/low status/confirmed status/pending-review type/design 2

    closed 3 months ago by necromancer

  • #3
    Gorgets in general don't provide defense bars status/confirmed status/pending-review type/design type/not-implemented 3

    closed 1 year ago by necromancer

  • #7
    Experience bar requires update after going through a portal status/confirmed type/annoyance type/bug 2

    closed 4 months ago by necromancer