28 labels
  • affects/mod
    This issue affects another mod.
  • affects/oats
    This issue affects the Official Aether Testing Server.
  • affects/proxy
    This issue affects a proxy mod, such as BungeeCord.
  • affects/servers
    This issue affects dedicated server software.
  • affects/spongeforge
    This issue affects SpongeForge.
  • invalid/duplicate
    This issue is a duplicate of another issue.
  • invalid/incomplete
    The issue is missing required information.
  • invalid/off-topic
    The issue does not pertain to the project.
  • invalid/unreproducible
    The issue cannot be reproduced by another developer.
  • invalid/unsupported
    The issue is pertains to a unsupported version of the project.
  • invalid/will-not-fix
    The issue describes an intentional choice in design or will otherwise not be fixed.
  • priority/high
  • priority/low
  • priority/medium
  • status/blocked
    This issue depends on another issue being resolved first.
  • status/confirmed
    The issue has been confirmed and is ready to be worked on.
  • status/feedback
    The issue has had work performed and is awaiting feedback.
  • status/help-wanted
    The issue is open to help by other developers.
  • status/in-progress
    The issue is currently being worked on.
  • status/pending-review
    The issue references a pull request which is pending review.
  • type/annoyance
    The issue describes a trivial or superficial issue that is of incredibly low priority.
  • type/bug
    The issue describes a bug or error in the project.
  • type/crash
    The issue describes a problem which crashes the game or kicks the player from a server.
  • type/design
    The issue pertains to the design of a feature rather than a bug in the implementation of a design.
  • type/external
    The issue is the result of an external mod.
  • type/not-implemented
    The issue is the result of a feature or other content not being implemented yet.
  • type/performance
    The issue impacts the performance of the game.
  • type/request
    The issue is a feature or change request and does not fit into the other types.