804 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bconlon f56a792691 Updated credits. 1 month ago
  bconlon 5b315e8d4c Manually added updated Polish translation. 1 month ago
  bconlon f65094244b Updated Aether Portal Frame item texture. 2 months ago
  bconlon 69b3c6a3a9 Removed an unused line. 2 months ago
  bconlon b5a2ca6477 Updated some code for the main menu buttons' text. 2 months ago
  bconlon 1ed0af00c1 Fixed a cross-platform issue with the resource pack generation. 2 months ago
  bconlon 2af0ab88e9 Added Swedish language support and updated translation credits. 2 months ago
  bconlon bf0cbdc022 Version bump to 1.5.2 (no not the Minecraft version). 4 months ago
  bconlon 6e295ff6d0 Menu music properly loops now. 4 months ago
  bconlon b5ff095031 Possibly reduced Zephyr spawnrates. Mob spawning makes no sense. 4 months ago
  bconlon 3af163b731 Enchantment and Freezer recipes can now be removed by CraftTweaker. 4 months ago
  bconlon 0e2cad46c9 Slider now has a name and has a reset point set when summoned with commands. 4 months ago
  bconlon cdd6884ac3 Possibly made the Accessory Menu more compatible with any mods that replace the vanilla inventory. 4 months ago
  bconlon c167fab00c Blue Aerclouds have the proper bounding box type now. 4 months ago
  bconlon d868727134 Reduced Hammer Projectile life time. 4 months ago
  bconlon 8eaba1ec4c Aether Leaves should now properly silk touch with their base metadata. 4 months ago
  bconlon 6703a9c03a Fixed I18n error on servers. 4 months ago
  bconlon 1e4c15d364 Tried to increase spawnrates. 4 months ago
  bconlon 5303d7fc7a Change 5 months ago
  bconlon 508b99a8f1 Removed limit on damage to the Slider. 5 months ago
  bconlon 70d7ab2e1c Fixed crash from Sentries entering Minecarts. 5 months ago
  bconlon b9b683dc21 Skin customization option to change whether gloves render on the skin layer or the hat layer. 5 months ago
  bconlon 28e071280a Skyroot Bed item now uses a 3D model for consistency with vanilla. 5 months ago
  bconlon f5340c6737 Tweaked Lightning Knife and Lightning Sword lore entries. 5 months ago
  bconlon 6f63b2f0c4 Fixed something using the wrong variable. 5 months ago
  bconlon af11ef8b48 Eternal Day config. 5 months ago
  bconlon 6846c6c078 Cockatrices will fight back against other mobs. 5 months ago
  bconlon 4801b30809 Removed print statements. 5 months ago
  bconlon 734016a8df Extended reach works against the Ender Dragon. 5 months ago
  bconlon b0b59ec42f Lowered Gold Dungeon rarity slightly. 5 months ago
  bconlon 7b8c4fde9e Accessory drops use LivingDropsEvent. 5 months ago
  bconlon bfde0a6e8a Valkyrie Lance can now be enchanted with mending. 5 months ago
  bconlon 2dd09bdf27 Loot tables can be configured so that both Golden Feathers and Valkyrie Capes can spawn in loot if wanted. 5 months ago
  bconlon fe5054da0d Removed comment. 5 months ago
  bconlon ca8aaec82f Ice Crystals now spawn particles on collision. 5 months ago
  bconlon 98e9391df4 Reduced zephyr snowball life. 5 months ago
  bconlon 08860efbd1 Darts can be shot from dispensers. 5 months ago
  bconlon a7fc2e723a All wool colors can be used to craft Skyroot Beds. 5 months ago
  bconlon b2bc95b187 Version bump to 1.5.1 for a small patch release. 5 months ago
  bconlon ae1dceb849 Fixed a crash and added the Hammer of Notch to dungeon loot. 5 months ago
  bconlon 447d73b2a3 Interacting with the Valkyrie Queen no longer uses up items. 5 months ago
  bconlon 22fd531632 Hopefully fixed a crash from arrows. 5 months ago
  bconlon 6375385899 Cloud Staff now has durability. 5 months ago
  bconlon 9cfdc63ddf Entities killed with the Cloud Staff's projectiles now drop experience. 5 months ago
  bconlon 1fba56f42c Slider uses a better method for detecting if a tool can damage it (anything that can harvest stone can damage it, so any pickaxes from any mod). 5 months ago
  bconlon f66eefc69a Fixed the crystal island structure a bit. 5 months ago
  bconlon 8db83db1d8 Golden Oak can be silk touched. 5 months ago
  bconlon da7a97ce43 Slider can't break unbreakable blocks. 5 months ago
  bconlon 46958c6e79 Slider won't render as on fire. 5 months ago
  bconlon 97fa1fb1cf Slider will destroy all liquids. 5 months ago