566 Commits (1.7.10-rivoreo-fork)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  WHR 0f710cd60a Give players 'Enter the Aether' achievement if they login right into the Aether and WorldBelowAether is set to the Aether itself 2 weeks ago
  WHR c7569616ce Disable some unused codes 2 weeks ago
  WHR 3c49ba8c16 Update / remove outdated information in README.md 2 weeks ago
  WHR e5b63b7481 Swet will now ignore creative mode players when searching target to attack 2 weeks ago
  WHR 669ee0f41b Refactor Swet 2 weeks ago
  WHR 0f72a65366 Manually import commit 6b1d56b by bconlon: Tweaked ores slightly so they aren't all the same rarity. 2 weeks ago
  WHR c561b1e4e0 Manually import commit 2d8b84b by bconlon: Reduced spawning requirements for the Valkyrie Queen. 2 weeks ago
  WHR e482ea6cfa AechorPlant is no longer AetherAnimal 2 weeks ago
  WHR ac4319dd48 Manually and partially import commit 3178485 by bconlon: Made some of the inebriation packet code a bit more solid, hopefully prevents any issues with it. 3 weeks ago
  WHR f518fe7094 Manually import commit 8b2f0af by bconlon: floating blocks drop as item past height limit. 3 weeks ago
  WHR 70062350dd Manually import and refactor commit 7af09ff by bconlon: Shift right clicking the Cloud Staff will clear Cloud Minions. Note: This can become wasteful of durability if used too much since whenever you activate it again it'll use up a durability point (as is how the staff is designed to work). 3 weeks ago
  WHR 007d93eb73 Manually import and refactor commit e6be78f by bconlon: Inebriation no longer damages armor. This is consistent with 1.2.5. 3 weeks ago
  WHR dbea3df903 Manually import and refactor commit 03166df by bconlon: Tweaks relating to Phoenix Armor 3 weeks ago
  WHR fbe55107ba Manually import commit a5ac768 by bconlon: Fixed the Sun Spirit sometimes not receiving damage from Ice Crystals, probably. 3 weeks ago
  WHR bb6cd3aa13 Add custom implementation for spawn point creating 3 weeks ago
  WHR cb5cc60d59 Fix projectile entities such as Zephyr's snowballs staying in air forever 3 weeks ago
  WHR e0a500d293 Aerbunny can no longer be dismounted by another player 3 weeks ago
  WHR 6e42cdfb98 Disable void teleportion if 'WorldBelowAether' is set to the Aether itself, avoids entities falling infinitely 3 weeks ago
  WHR 7072785808 AetherWorldProvider: canCoordinateBeSpawn won't be called if canRespawnHere returns false 3 weeks ago
  WHR b4d37a61e9 Fix client-side crashing due to InebriationPotion instance didn't get created when needed by PotionEffect 3 weeks ago
  WHR b4d670f80e Add 'AlwaysRespawnInAether' configuration property to allow players always respawning in the Aether 3 weeks ago
  WHR aa59ff22bb Fix NullPointerException in InitiateValkyrieFightPacket 1 month ago
  WHR c089fce92e Optionally register blocks and items with same numeric IDs as the default configuration of the original mod, to convert old saves to current format with mostly matching blocks; fix missing block in crystal tree floating island; some related refactorings 1 month ago
  WHR c1aad2fd84 Fix player's experience not get synchronized after being teleported from/to Aether 2 months ago
  WHR f12ede5739 Fix NullPointerException on using lava bucket in Aether; refactor AetherBiome a bit 2 months ago
  WHR 8f22bccb46 Mark silk touched double dropped items 2 months ago
  WHR dd8577cb0a Remove Jenkinsfile 2 months ago
  WHR 67dcaa0969 Fix poor performance on updating Zephyr course; remove unused classes 2 months ago
  WHR 736b324575 More workaround for Cauldron world name bug 2 months ago
  WHR fc306f33ee Remove Sun Altar permission checking for multiplayer because it is broken 2 months ago
  WHR 668a79015a Refactor AetherEventHandler 2 months ago
  WHR 02c1a4c415 Skip old save directory migration if Cauldron bug workaround is applied 2 months ago
  WHR 7466e06231 Fix Aether time can be negative 2 months ago
  WHR 8abdb405a8 Consider failure to create the symbolic link for workaround the Cauldron bug a fatal error 2 months ago
  WHR 6e1d6dc97c Workaround a Cauldron bug where more than one Aether save directories are used, causing inconsistent save 2 months ago
  WHR c2f5df88e4 Compare world name case insensitively 2 months ago
  WHR 384a301ac8 Correct 'WorldBelowAether' configuration property comment 2 months ago
  WHR feb7d8b4f1 Fix 'java.io.IOException: No such file or directory' from AetherConfig by trying to create file without first creating its parent directroy 2 months ago
  WHR a9e3cd0802 Rewrite configration, with old category and property names migration support 2 months ago
  WHR 85d8d3e97c Make AetherConfig.config private 2 months ago
  WHR f247e84651 Fix Aether trivia message being drawed out of window 2 months ago
  WHR 37249c3b27 Fix Valkyrie Queen doesn't look player when not ready to fight 2 months ago
  WHR 7a9209079e Apply some improvements for AetherClientEvents and PhoenixBow 2 months ago
  WHR 174db04194 Remove unused configuration property 2 months ago
  WHR 44711b05b1 Remove Gilded Games' contributing descriptions, as it is not relevant to this fork 2 months ago
  WHR 9f4998c133 Improve main menu configuration implementation 2 months ago
  WHR 583ecdc13d Make main menu buttons shift slower just like the original Aether mod 2 months ago
  WHR cab4e19502 Require silk touch level 2 or higher to enable additional normal item drop for Skyroot tools; AetherOre now uses DoubleDropHelper; remove some debugging messages 3 months ago
  WHR a747ea1ec4 Using Skyroot tools with silk touch on corresponding blocks will drop another item as normal, in addition to silk touched item 3 months ago
  WHR 544d392b38 Support failing out of the Aether with another entity mounted on a player 3 months ago