• Aether Ascension 2020-10-31

    TheGag96 2 months ago 0 commits to ascension since this release

    Merged upstream changes from Aether 1.5.2, and bumping version to 1.6.2 to stay ahead.

  • Aether Ascension 2020-02-07

    TheGag96 11 months ago 251 commits to ascension since this release

    The first release! Changes made so far:

    • Added Aether II aerclouds (green, purple, storm). Additionally:
      • Textures edited to be monochrome so that they can be tinted, like Aether I aerclouds (including pink)
      • All bouncy aerclouds now make the bounce sound from Aether II
      • All bouncy aerclouds won't bounce if sneak is held, not just blue
      • Storm aerclouds now drip water below them
      • Pink aerclouds now generate by default
    • All mounts are controlled clientside like horses (no more laggy Moas!)
    • Added new grass types from Aether II (arctic, magnetic, irradiated)
    • Added tallgrass from Aether II (generates by default now)
    • Skyroot tools with silk touch will now drop double of the silk touched block, not just double of the normal drop
    • Changed Neptune and Phoenix armor textures to the Aether II: Genesis of the Void versions to make them unique
    • Water is now the Aether II color
    • New tree types from Genesis of the Void
      • Blue - normal, massive
      • Dark Blue - massive + branches
      • Purple - “fruit tree” but without the fruit, as crystal trees have fruit already
    • Added Aether Grass Paths (idea by 💎☁Blade Foxfairy✎🎮#0429)
    • Added Ambrosium Lamps (idea and texture by 💎☁Blade Foxfairy✎🎮#0429 on the Aether Discord)
    • Fixed bugs/improvements:
      • No more errors in console due to Sheepuff loot tables not having name fields
      • Fixed Valkyrie Queens from only checking the first inventory slot containing medals to see if you have enough
      • Made holystone, quicksoil, and Aether ores have more vanilla-standard hardness/resistance values
      • Aether grass, dirt, and quicksoil are now efficient with shovels