The Aether II is the sequel to the highly popular dimension mod "The Aether" for modern versions of Minecraft.
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Help support Gilded Games make mods and games on Patreon!

You'll gain access to exclusive rewards and snapshot builds of the Aether Rewrite before anyone else!

ATTENTION: This availability is intended for programmers and early adopters only. In its current state, the Aether Rewrite may be unstable. Content may be missing, broken, or subject to major change. Proceed with caution.

We ask that you have existing knowledge of Minecraft modding, locating crash reports, editing configuration files, and a bit of patience if you're wishing to report issues or contribute back.

Getting help

We don't provide support for getting the Git repository and Gradle/Forge workspace setup. We expect those wishing to do so to have prior knowledge before attempting.

If you run into bugs or other problems, feel free to create an issue on our issue tracker.

For contributors

Looking to create an issue or merge request? See our contributor's guide for more details.

Not sure what to help us with? Take a look at our issue tracker for some ideas! Here's a quick link to show all the currently open issues that we'd love some help on.

Please note however that due to the rapid development pace of the Aether Rewrite, we're currently not accepting issues or merge requests of which are purely content additions or feature requests.


You are free to upload or share any commentary, screenshots, videos, or anything else you make of the Aether II Rewrite. Go for it!

However, you are not permitted to redistribute (upload) compiled builds of the Aether Rewrite publicly. This includes builds that have been released by Gilded Games publicly or for patrons, and builds you have compiled from the Git repository. It's not a very nice thing to do, and may result in your access to said builds being removed.


The Aether II rewrite is under the GNU GPL v3 license.

Additionally, all assets of the Aether II rewrite (found in the resources folder) are under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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