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### Setting up your Workspace

Run the `setup_decomp_workspace.bat` script before following any of the IDE specific instructions below!

**IntelliJ users:** You'll need to enable the Gradle plugin if you've had it disabled (it should be enabled by default). Use the `File > Open...` menu, and choose the build.gradle file inside the repo.

Afterwards, open the Gradle menu (on the right side toolbar, by default), navigate to `Tasks > other`, and double click the `genIntellijRuns` task. This will create your launch configurations automatically.

**Eclipse users:** You'll need to install the Gradle Intergration plugin if you haven't already, and create a new workspace. Use the `File > Import...` menu, and select `Gradle project`.

The `Import Gradle Project` should open. Simply set the `root folder` to the location you've cloned this repo, and click 'Build model'. After it's finished building things, checkmark the Aether II project, and finish importing the project.

You'll need to manually create your run configurations, however. The client's main class is `GradleStart`, and the server's main class is `GradleStartServer`.

You can also pass `--username USERNAME` to the configuration's program arguments to set your in-game username.

### Developers

When working on the code, it is **mandatory** to keep consistent use of the Gilded Games' Formatting and Cleanup settings. We _will_ revert commits that do not adhere to it.

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@echo off
title [Aether-1.8/] Running Gradle tasks... 'build'

title Building the Aether II...
call gradlew.bat build


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@echo off
title Setting up your Forge workspace...
call gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace