695 Commits (chestfix)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Brandon Pearce 0f92d193d2 Fixed labyrinth chest position 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 0ac94751e1 Removed unnecessary light checks 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce e35e84d507 Begun TemplatePipeline for later use, added new Labyrinth entrances. 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 4fee4ffbdf Fixed lighting issues in dungeons, much slower though. 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce e994c38d8e Fixed NPE, needs checking!!! 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce faf9ba5320 Beds work in the Aether now 4 years ago
  devilbringer 26634f0c97 Fixed mistake in dungeon room schematic. 4 years ago
  devilbringer 09b8e3dba4 Added a couple of decorative dungeon rooms. 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce df281caca3 Added Labyrinth Strongblock 4 years ago
  devilbringer 4de96455c0 Updated Labyrinth LootL Rooms 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce b5c1228321 Changed wall generation 4 years ago
  devilbringer 9791290a30 Added Rooms per layer. 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 0b3426e514 Adjusted path width 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 6b15811968 Fixed totem position, made pathways 4 tall 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce f2b176fa3b Dungeon stairways actually work, added updated structures 4 years ago
  Collin1971 8054346d80 Cleaned up companions and armors 4 years ago
  chrisloyde a30aadc261 Labyrinth Chest can now have animations. 4 years ago
  chrisloyde fb3cf37eb8 More crossbow fixes 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce fe2eedd272 Fixed pick-blocking again :D :D 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 548750a9e7 Fixed compile error 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce b597174376 Made CustomDoor class instead of separate classes 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 1963d4b7da Fixed pick-blocking for doors 4 years ago
  devilbringer 0abf5e3eb9 _Almost_ Implemented the Arkenium Door. :D 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 3fd33c977f Implemented new dungeon rooms 4 years ago
  chrisloyde 36427faeca Crossbows update 4 years ago
  devilbringer 62123cb309 Implemented slabs! (Divine Sentry Stone Slab Recipe isn't working.) 4 years ago
  Collin1971 c99b2d9f5f Added a few basic slabs 4 years ago
  Collin1971 172e8d3c31 Fixed a ton of effect stacking issues with equipping and removing accessories 4 years ago
  devilbringer 5af17434fe Fixed Valkyrie Lance creative tab placement. 4 years ago
  Collin1971 0e382d0719 Fixed more equipment syncing issues 4 years ago
  Collin1971 a072070bf1 Tweaked Candy Ring effect 4 years ago
  Collin1971 91bc6100b1 Fixed issues with equipment 4 years ago
  Collin1971 fd3232f2a5 Removed deprecated schematic stuff 4 years ago
  Collin1971 0928baa047 Cleaned up some issues 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce a964fafb41 Reimplemented lost code 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce aac2164a91 Updated GG Util module 4 years ago
  Brandon Pearce 04658339dc Fixed dungeon instances and gen system 4 years ago
  devilbringer b87c37dc99 Adigned Crossbow Melee Damage and Knockback values. 4 years ago
  devilbringer 9aaea038fc Updated Gravitite Shield textures. 4 years ago
  chrisloyde 3c876446d0 Crossbows can only apply damage when not loaded 4 years ago
  chrisloyde a3b87ee7f2 Crossbow knockback effect doesn't use enchantments 4 years ago
  chrisloyde 8dcb4f585d Merged branch master into master 4 years ago
  devilbringer 7d69e67bb1 Updated Arkenium material textures. 4 years ago
  chrisloyde ff10429256 Crossbows now have knockback effect. 4 years ago
  devilbringer 3d2bac8ed6 Added remaining Shields, Arkenium Strip Item. 4 years ago
  Collin1971 d9082315c5 Fixed Divine walls being mineable, fixes #6 4 years ago
  Collin1971 49c4bd413b Fixed a few issues with buckets, closes #18 4 years ago
  devilbringer bf63b5b79a Fixed recipes for Skyroot Fences and Fence Gates. 4 years ago
  devilbringer 02e98b0195 Added Ambrosium Chunks and new Healing stone (sans functionality). 4 years ago
  Collin1971 c3322c65d1 Fixed a few interaction issues 4 years ago