743 Commits (1.12.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  brandoncamp16 e796b2f5ec Merge branch '1.12.2' into 1.12.2 5 months ago
  bconlon b7d5dcc6d8 Fixed "Format error:" prefix in the Hellfire Stone lore entry. 5 months ago
  bconlon f1a007402a Lore entries are now stored in the language file of the mod, making them translatable. Mods can still add support for their own lore entries by adding translation keys with the format "lore.MOD_ID.ITEM_TRANSLATION_KEY". 5 months ago
  brandoncamp16 5b3d2ec3ba Upload files to 'src/main/java/com/legacy/aether/player' 5 months ago
  brandoncamp16 7c7d819e10 Upload files to 'src/main/resources/assets/aether_legacy/lang' 5 months ago
  brandoncamp16 95650a60a8 Upload files to 'src/main/java/com/legacy/aether' 5 months ago
  bconlon 3059d887df Fixed some issues with inconsistencies of certain vanilla tools not working well on Aether blocks while some did. 5 months ago
  bconlon 09f18bfb1d Removed print statements. 5 months ago
  bconlon 3f7590749e Added config option to skip sun spirit dialogue. 5 months ago
  bconlon a81d2a0b4e Config to enable the sun altar for all players in multiplayer. 5 months ago
  bconlon 734b016489 Fixed silver dungeon loot table. 5 months ago
  bconlon 2211f3dcc3 Made changes to Aerwhale rendering. 5 months ago
  bconlon c63e9d0389 Simplified the portal code a bit. Doesn't seem to have affected anything. 5 months ago
  bconlon b695c70cbb Fixed the portal looping issue with *nether* portals. 5 months ago
  bconlon f548972490 99% sure I have fixed portal looping. 5 months ago
  bconlon 5d75b6d4ff Safer handling of the other eternal day packets. 5 months ago
  bconlon 0f08eea53b Potential fixes to portal looping and a packet crash. 5 months ago
  bconlon af43a315da Portal looping fix? Maybe. 5 months ago
  bconlon 9ee2120a75 Additional code just to be safe. 5 months ago
  bconlon 23b78e7c5c Another possible fix for the valkyrie queen server crash. 5 months ago
  bconlon 3cf1da05fb Some fixes to extended reach and mob layers. 5 months ago
  bconlon 6ba7617497 Added skin customization option to toggle glove rendering in case of compatibility issues with glove rendering and other mods (like Quark). 5 months ago
  bconlon 4c96d9d66f Potential fix for a multiplayer crash. 5 months ago
  bconlon abf8a2aa31 Version text on the Aether menu properly shifts its offset depending on if there's a new forge version. 5 months ago
  bconlon fc489a2028 Fixed reflection not having the correct obfuscated field name. 5 months ago
  bconlon 4f9ab9b01e Dungeon Keys are invincible so they don't get destroyed in boss rooms. 5 months ago
  bconlon ef9a95672d Adjusted bronze dungeon spawnrates. 5 months ago
  bconlon 2155170e7a Improved Sun Spirit death and fixed a crash. 5 months ago
  bconlon df4dff3028 Improvements to the Fire Minion's behavior. 5 months ago
  bconlon 5f6874dd2c Fixed an issue with the Sun Spirit not dying and eternal day not resetting. 5 months ago
  bconlon c4f248755d Valkyrie Tools' extended reach now uses an event handler. This fixes an issue with right clicks being registered as attacks sometimes. 5 months ago
  bconlon 2a2b61f32f Added CTM support for Quicksoil Glass, also updated forge. 5 months ago
  bconlon c730fe4d6d Skyroot Sticks oredict as sticks. 5 months ago
  bconlon 9d3091441d Fixed an issue with a loot table. 5 months ago
  bconlon 82e401f3f4 Adjusted some dungeon loot. 5 months ago
  bconlon 7c2611ba4e Removed code that made blocking prevent inebriation due to an oversight. 5 months ago
  bconlon 406f950ec3 more spawnrate adjustments 6 months ago
  bconlon 5242311b91 Updated inebriation icon. 6 months ago
  bconlon 7806e5d221 Prevented inebriation from sometimes bypassing shields. 6 months ago
  bconlon 9613af1c4a The blue glow of the Shield of Repulsion now goes away when the player is moving. 6 months ago
  bconlon 8179b4117f Floating blocks carry entities again. 6 months ago
  bconlon b5ef526518 Fixed an issue with a sound. 6 months ago
  bconlon b6289bc1c5 Adjusted Bronze Dungeon spawnrates again slightly. 6 months ago
  bconlon ca17431c18 Prevented some more blocks from getting replaced by dungeon tunnels. 6 months ago
  bconlon 0d759a1059 Fixed Aether Grass and Holystone not naturally having the double drop state. Metadata is confusing. 6 months ago
  bconlon 6de2924250 Added additional recipes to obtain the Book of Lore with. 6 months ago
  bconlon ad8e094056 Updated some more subtitles. 6 months ago
  bconlon d20b9889da Made Treasure Chests explosion resistant, but they can now be broken after being unlocked. 6 months ago
  bconlon f18e0dfdc4 The Agility Cape's step height ability turns off if the player is sneaking. 6 months ago
  bconlon 27456f6386 Tried to make the Valkyrie Queen's lightning attack a bit more common (it rarely occurred before). 6 months ago