36 Commits (master)

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  JellySquid 9ead9b6e83 Bump to version 0.1.6 11 months ago
  JellySquid 8c71b32990 Cleanup some method names 11 months ago
  JellySquid 6107d1da54 Improve performance when iterating PooledLongQueue 11 months ago
  JellySquid 5a652c7d9a Avoid array bound checking as much as possible 11 months ago
  JellySquid 1972d4176b Reduce the CPU time spent in Chunk#recheckGaps(boolean) 11 months ago
  JellySquid 39a3c441a5 Bump version to 0.1.5 11 months ago
  JellySquid a179f78385 Minor refactoring, change project URL to Curseforge page 11 months ago
  JellySquid 1cb640bf8b Bump version to 0.1.4 11 months ago
  JellySquid ecee1a830f fix: Use proper method to detect if we're on the client or not 11 months ago
  JellySquid b5ea5ab603 fix: Re-enable Minecraft class Mixins when not on the server 11 months ago
  JellySquid 37e7562f18 refactor: Correct function name 11 months ago
  JellySquid 2773e4be8b Bump version to 0.1.3 11 months ago
  JellySquid b0284cd99c Improve SpongeForge compatibility 11 months ago
  JellySquid e5d5bc3d74 Move AT configuration file to META-INF as a build step 11 months ago
  JellySquid fd741164ab Do not include coremod manifest information in deobfuscated builds 1 year ago
  JellySquid 44a60117de Re-add dependency information 1 year ago
  JellySquid c03aada36d Perform annotation extraction on deobfuscated artifacts 1 year ago
  JellySquid cd42a9a353 Add Jar signing steps to Jenkinsfile 1 year ago
  JellySquid 5fcbd95c43 Configure jar signing 1 year ago
  JellySquid ed24a55cf8 Revert change to only publish on tags 1 year ago
  JellySquid 3d781b01c8 Bump version 1 year ago
  JellySquid 6917a82062 Only publish a new version on Maven when tagged with a release 1 year ago
  JellySquid d40f2286a8 Only publish a new version on Maven when tagged with a release 1 year ago
  JellySquid e150dacb5b Include Manifest attributes in deobf and source JARs 1 year ago
  JellySquid 95c73fbe1c Fix Sponge Mixins dependency not being added to the published POM 1 year ago
  JellySquid e10bf0dfd4 Experiment with different version scheme 1 year ago
  JellySquid ab6573c0a4 Remove Setup stage from Jenkins Pipeline as it's unnecessary 1 year ago
  JellySquid 5b169ae8c6 Use secrets file correctly instead of mixing environment variables 1 year ago
  JellySquid fcb83279e1 Automatically deploy to Maven on build 1 year ago
  JellySquid 1b43c4a455 Update build.gradle for Jenkins build number support 1 year ago
  JellySquid 02e915bca7 Add 'Jenkinsfile' 1 year ago
  JellySquid 9197b18b7c refactor: Migrate to using Phosphor as a submodule 1 year ago
  JellySquid 90d9125a54 Improve build scripts, fix launch errors 1 year ago
  JellySquid 88bcf37294 Add GNU GPL v3 license 1 year ago
  JellySquid 1734161c10 Add GitLab CI configuration 1 year ago
  JellySquid 78b0fc7661 Initial commit 1 year ago